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Energy Mindfulness

Complete Altar Kit with Bamboo Box and Altar

Complete Altar Kit with Bamboo Box and Altar

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  • MADE WITH PREMIUM NATURAL MATERIALS THAT PROMOTES POSITIVE ENERGY- The altar is made from natural bamboo which is known to have powerful energy field that traditionally aids prosperity and positivity. The altar handles are made of hand-polished Quartz Crystals - it is known to be the master healer. Clear Quartz is an ideal stone for manifestation since it works by raising your vibrations. The Energy Mindfulness Altar can help to powerfully manifest your intentions.
  • DESIGNED WITH THE GUIDANCE OF SPIRITUAL LEADERS - The altar was thoughtfully designed with the guidance of Mongolian Shamans and North American Spiritual Leaders. This spiritually-focused, new age, and unique product design is trademarked and patented. The Energy Mindfulness Altar Starter Kit is great as a spiritual gift for yourself and for others who wants to be more in-tuned with their own spirituality & mindfulness.
  • COMES WITH A CURATED SET OF ALTAR SUPPLIES - We have prepared a special bundle of items to help you with your meditation and spiritual practices. The Altar comes with a 100% natural hemp fabric altar cloth, 2 of Soy Wax Candle (2.5 Oz each) in a calming eucalyptus mint scent, Sage Spray for cleansing negative energy as a safer alternative to traditional smudging (2 Oz), & 7 Raw Chakra Crystals Set. These meditation accessories are meticulously created to enhance your daily devotion.
  • ENHANCES SPIRITUALITY, MEDITATION, REIKI HEALING AND MINDFULNESS - This altar is universally crafted for all kinds of spiritual practices, divination rituals, religions or beliefs like Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Wiccan (Pagan Witchcraft), etc. The Energy Mindfulness Altar is equally suitable for beginners and for those who want to strengthen, deepen, & expand their spirituality habits. You can unleash your creativity & spirituality by building and customizing your own spiritual decor.
  • A VISUAL FOCUS FOR YOUR OWN SACRED SPACE – The Energy Mindfulness Altar is an anchor & a visual focus for your personal affirmations, prayers, spiritual intentions, meditation & energy. For privacy, you may close your altar after your practice & keep your meditation accessories or spiritual items inside the drawers. It is a small table that folds into a box (10 x 7.40 x 6.61 in), to fit in most small spaces. Building your own altar is an expression of your inner energy & spiritual purpose.
  • A SPECIAL GIFT OF POSITIVE ENERGY AND BEAUTIFUL MANIFESTATIONS – Looking for a unique gift set for your loved ones who’s inclined to meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual practices? The Energy Mindfulness Altar Starter Kit is a great gift for women – especially for your mom, wife, sister, and best friends to help them nurture their personal intentions, affirmations, and prayers.

Package Dimensions: 12.9 x 11.2 x 9.4 inches

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