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Alternative Imagination

Magick Altar Starter Kit (Small)

Magick Altar Starter Kit (Small)

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Color: Black


  • 1 Altar Cloth featuring The Triple Moon and Pentacle
  • 1 Pentacle Altar Plate
  • Small bag of each: White Dead Sea Salt, Black Hawaiian Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 2 Premium Smudges - 1 California White Sage and 1 Palo Santo
  • 2 White Deity Candles, the God and Goddess

Binding: Kitchen


Alternative Imagination is happy to provide basic altar supplies for practicing Wiccans!

24" x 24" The Triple Moon Altar Cloth. The waxing, full, and waning moods represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, a familiar feminine symbol of the Goddess. Inside the Full moon is a Pentacle; a symbol of power, magic, and connection to the elements and the divine.

4" California White Sage. This potent herb has been used for centuries by Native Americans in rituals and ceremonies to purify, cleanse, and protect.

4" Palo Santo Smudge Stick. Also known as "Holy Wood" due to its use in religious ceremonies and rituals in Central and South America, this wood is burned to cleanse negative energies and promote healing.

1oz White Dead Sea Salt. White salt is used for purification and protection. It can be added to water for cleansing, sprinkled in a circle or along thresholds for protection.

1oz Black Hawaiian Salt. Black salt is used for magical spells of warding, protection, and banishment. Some Wiccans make their own black salt from: salt, burned charcoal, ashes, black pepper, and other ingredients they may want to include.

1oz Pink Himalayan Salt. Pink salt is used for spellcasting, charms, and offerings to bring love, strengthen familial bonding, and to offer to the Goddess.

3" Aluminum Pentacle Plate. This ancient symbol represents power, magic, and connection to the elements and the divine. Many Wiccans use the plate to focus energies or to place offerings on the plate for their deities.

9" White Deity Candles. These candles represent the deities one may choose to worship. One for the God, one for the Goddess. Many Wiccans may differentiate God and Goddess by using different colors, charms, or even statues. The God is typically placed to the top left of the altar and the Goddess on the top right.

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.4 x 5.2 inches

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